University of São Paulo Environmental Law Research Group is part of the Civil Law Department of University of São Paulo Law School and is coordinated by Prof. Patricia Faga Iglecias Lemos. Its aim is to develop multidisciplinary research on environmental protection evolution in Brazil. Students and researchers  make an ecological, historical, economical and legal analysis to identify the main conflicts existing between environmental law, economical structure and legal resources related to prevention and tort. The main objective is to create propositions about the current and future position of Brazil as an important stakeholder in supporting sustainable development. The main topics studied are: tort law and environmental liability, social and environmental function of property, waste management, contaminated land, sustainable consumption and disasters' prevention. The group has research partnerships with public and private institutions, such as Proteste (Consumer Defense Brazilian Association), Law for a Green Planet Institute, Health and Sustainability Institute, USP Waste Multidisciplinary Research Center (CeRSOL/USP) and São Paulo State's Natural Disasters Prevention Research Center (CEPED/USP).




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